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Summer is almost here! 

It is raining a lot these days which makes me stay indoors most of the time. But, being inside does not mean that I am already safe from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.

However, do you know that the UV rays can penetrate even your glass windows? We have been made aware that there are two types of ultraviolet radiation that affect the skin: UVA and UVB. The one that causes sunburn which is called UVB does not usually get through indoors. However, the UVA does it quite easily and it is responsible for causing skin aging. One of our primary weapon in fighting off these harsh sun waves is by using sunblock!

One of my blog readers and a personal close friend has recently given me a Biore UV Perfect Milk sunscreen. This is after she saw my product review on another Biore product, the BioreUru-Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash. I also recently messaged Biore PH on Facebook, and they asked if I would also like to try their UV products. So, I am really grateful for my friend for her gift 😃

Biore UV Perfect Milk

Brand Name: Biore

Product Name: Perfect UV Milk


Protect your skin from the harsh and unharmful UVA and UVB rays with this ultra-light yet long-lasting SPF50+/PA++++ UV block.

Perfect For: Oily to Combination Type of Skin

Superior Double UV Block for Maximum Protection
Ultra Light Texture
Waterproof Formula

How To Use:
Shake bottle well before use. Apply evenly and generously on skin before sun exposure. Avoid the eye area. For best results, reapply at frequent intervals, especially after perspiring, swimming or towel drying. As with all sunscreens, cleanse thoroughly using a makeup remover.

First Impression:
"The product will be very sticky, similarly to the other sunblocks that I own, and will be consumed within a month of usage only."


Biore UV Perfect Milk

The product is encased in a blue tube with removable cap. It came sealed in a thin plastic stuck on a cardboard with details about the sunblock. Brand name and the claim of being the "No. 1 Sunscreen Brand in Japan" is also placed in front. The majority of the writings are in Japanese which I sadly cannot understand.  
Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

Biore UV Perfect Milk

The back portion of the board is further details on the importance of sunblock and more information about the UV Perfect Milk. The usage and instructions are also indicated here. What I really liked about this is that Biore has thoughtfully put the English language over the original Japanese writings. (Thank you, Biore team!)

Biore UV Perfect Milk

The tube fits perfectly in my hand and it has English label on the front while Japanese writings behind.

Biore UV Perfect Milk

The bottom part indicates the batch number and an icon that I can't seem to know the meaning even though I researched it on the internet. Maybe somebody out there can help me out? 👀

Biore UV Perfect Milk

The end of the tube is pointy making it easier for the sunscreen to be squeezed out. It also helps in controlling the amount of product that you want to use.

Scent: If you take a whiff on top of the nozzle, the scent is similar to most of the sunblock lotions in the market bordering to baby cologne. Upon dispensing the product onto the skin, I can barely smell the fragrance due to its mildness. I am also able to distinguish the distinct scent of talc with a hint of alcohol


Biore UV Perfect Milk

Among all sunblock lotions I have used, the UV Perfect Milk is by far the lightest in consistency. The lotion is very runny and extremely thin in layer, and when I blended it on my skin, the finish is matte. Extremely opposite to the other brands that I have used before where they finish incredibly shiny with a heavy feeling and a strong white cast usually accompanied by stickiness

Biore UV Perfect Milk

It is very easy to blend and finishes matte. Funny because it is like I applied powder and not the sunblock. It also helped my face control oil and it lasted for a good 4 hours. I have to reapply again after that unless I have my makeup on. This has completely broken my first impression of it being just another sticky sunscreen.

Biore UV Perfect Milk

I am always out in the field and this became my holy grail because it minimizes my possibility of getting sunburn and diminishes the appearance of sun spots on my face. I also tested out its power and claims of being "Waterproof & Perspiration Proof" when I went to Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon where I went swimming on the beach. It performed well similarly to its daily feat and did not let me down.

Effectivity: Staring off from its consistency, I am very pleased with how the UV Perfect Milk made it easier to apply sunblock on. This is good for both face & body already so it minimizes the hassle and weight of bringing separate items for a similar function but for different parts of the body. I am also grateful that this product has helped me with my oil control with its mattifying finish. A pea-sized amount is enough for the whole face and neck and a peso coin size is already good for both of my exposed arms.

  • Packaging is handy and travel-friendly
  • The bottle has a nozzle tip which is easier for product dispensing
  • Batch no. and Manufacturing Date is shown
  • Kao is very considerate of putting sticker with English translation for product information on the carton              

  • No expiration date
  • Can be a bit pricey if you’re a budget-conscious individual (if you’ll do the math) who wants a sunblock for the daily use

Price - Given as a gift
Effectivity -★★★
Ease of Use -★★
Overall - ★★★

Repurchase? I will be buying a new one as soon as I have finished this one. Biore has recently released a spray type of the UV Perfect Milk and I am interested in trying it out. 
I am quite surprised that it has taken me 2 months before I reached it's near empty state. A little amount goes a long way with this product.

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