About Me

I go by the name of Nyx and I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger from the Philippines.
I welcome you to my sanctuary where I write about a variety of topics relating to beauty, DIY, crafting, and life.
I like traveling A LOT and I would like to get to know the Philippines better before I tour other countries!
I’ve decided to pick up blogging again because I found out the importance of opinions from various people as one of the key factors in product improvement from my previous work as a Trade Marketing Officer from a major telecommunications company. And thus, I would like my blog to be of some help to those people who are looking for first-hand experiences about the product that they’re looking for and for the company to know the reactions and comments of people for their manufactured goods.
  • Since when did I start blogging?
Diligently? Just last year, 2013~
But truthfully, I’ve been in the blogosphere since 2006. I’m on and off on my blog since I lack the motivation to do it so. And then I quit it all together for a 5-year hiatus so it doesn’t feel like I’ve been actually blogging during those times.
  • Why is such the name for my blog domain?
My first blog name is Sky's The Limit which is as per Meriam Webster definition is “the collecting of units or parts into a mass or whole“. But then, I've noticed that the title isn't really that interesting at all! Then I've changed it to A Thrift To Beauty since I really like the idea of going on a journey to find the true purpose of beauty. But now, I am aiming for a personal touch (hoping that this will make me more diligent in blogging), which is why I named this blog Nyx (my name) Knacks (small items; can be decorative or petty items). You will find a balance of positive and negative reviews on my blog posts to bring you the most honest insights and feedback about the products.
In this blog, I write about different topics (mostly products) that I encounter in my life and can possibly help you too!

If I piqued your interest enough and would like to know more about me, please follow me (I do follow back to know more about my followers!) and leave me some messages from time to time.

My Skin Condition: Oily T-Zone; Dry for the balance areas
My Hair Condition: Normal to Dry; Colored; Wavy Texture; Thin Hair strands
Hugs and Kisses,