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I would like to hear from you! Any questions or even a simple message would be welcome.
My blog is also open to giveaways, product reviews, and advertisements.
For Product Reviews:
1. I accept ALL KINDS of products for reviews since my blog opt to provide everything under the sun. If you are going to send sample-sized products, please ensure that it would last for a two-weeks worth as I cannot give honest and detailed review on your product.
2. I would like you to be patient and at least give me a good at least two weeks upon receiving the products of waiting time as I test out your products.
For Events:
1.  I do not write specifically about brand/shop launches or promotional events that I go to UNLESS otherwise asked to do so.
For Ads/Sponsorships:
1. First of all, I cannot thank you enough for giving your trust in working with me 
2. Ads/Sponsorships works in two ways:
a. Post
b. Sidebar banners
For business related inquiries, you can reach me by sending me an email at nyxknacksblog[at]gmail[dot]com.