Thursday, November 3, 2016

Korean: 애완 동물

I am one of those heavily pet lovers. 
I currently have 2 babies that I am taking care of: 

My first 애완 동물 is a Pomeranian which I have named Baldo.

pomeranian puppy

He was born on April 2, 2014 and I can still remember how he used to be very tiny! He used to fit in my hands, and that is really saying something as I have really small hands. He was very playful and very noisy. He still is noisy, but he seems to be more relaxed and composed at present. I guess it comes with age :) He knows how to do 개 트릭 like 앉다, 스탠드 , 누워 , and 악수.

shih-tzu puppy

My second 애완 동물 is a Shih-tzu breed, which I named Potchie.

He was given to me by my uncle when he was 2 months old, last May 2016. As he is also a small-sized type of , you can imagine how 귀엽다 he was during his puppy years! He is still cute at present, but I prefer more his 강아지 looks. He was the recent addition in our family, and he get along well now with Baldo. When he was still new in our house, Baldo doesn’t really like him. He will growl really loud, and will run away from Potchie whenever he can. Potchie, on the other hand, thought that Baldo was only playing with him which is why he playfully chases after him. It always does not end well.
We feed them  펠릿, especially Potchie, as he is still less than 12 months old. I feel that it is safer to feed him 개밥 rather than mixing it with human foods already. Baldo is being fed of  펠릿, with a mix of human foods. Their snacks or treats are a variety of store-bought dog treats, fresh fruits, cheese, and ice cream.

They visit the 수의사 on their appointed schedules for their 백신 . They recently got shot for the 안티 – 광견병 and deworming. They have yet to be groomed as they were given a one-week rest due to the shots, so they were very dirty and have tangled hairs at the moment

How about you? Do you have your own pets?
What are your funny moments in taking care of them?


애완 동물 – pets
 – dog
귀엽다 – cute
강아지 – puppy
포메 라니아 인 – Pomeranian
수의사 – veterinarian
개 트릭 – dog tricks
앉다 – sit
스탠드 - stand
 누워 – lie down
악수 – handshake
재생 – play
개밥 – dog food
펠릿 – dog pellets
백신 – vaccine
안티광견병 – anti rabies


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